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This Privacy Policy (hereinafter "the Policy") sets out the rules for processing personal data (hereinafter "the Personal Data", "the Data") of users (hereinafter "Users", "you") during their use of SmokeStab - websites (hereinafter "the Websites", "SmokeStab ") and games accessible from them (hereinafter collectively "the Video Games" or "the Video Games", each individually - "the Video Game"). The Policy contains annexes and supplements that form an integral part thereof.

The Policy is an integral part of the License Agreement and the Game Rules (hereinafter collectively "the Agreement"). Please read this Policy carefully. If you wish to create an account on one of our websites, SmokeStab GmbH will need to collect personal information. This is necessary to fulfill the terms of the Agreement.

We ask you to confirm that you have familiarized yourself with the Policy, agree to it in its entirety, and that you give us permission to collect your personal information, process it, and store it for the purposes stated herein. This acknowledgement is deemed accepted once you have ticked/clicked the relevant link, button or checkbox.

If you do not agree with the terms and conditions for processing personal data, please refrain from downloading/installing or otherwise using the Game and the Website. SmokeStab GmbH reserves the right to modify and/or amend this Policy periodically without prior written warning to users.

By agreeing to the Policy, you confirm your understanding of the need to familiarize yourself with the Policy in relation to the changes and/or additions made.


About SmokeStab GmbH

If you have any questions regarding the processing of personal data in the context of the use of the Games published on the Websites or the Policy, you may contact SmokeStab GmbH. Legal address: Dresdener Straße 16, 76646 Bruchsal, (hereinafter "SmokeStab", "we", "our" and "us") by email:
We respect your right to confidentiality of personal data and will process this data and other information provided by or collected about you only in accordance with this policy and applicable law!


Data collection:

We collect personal information about you in the following instances:

  • Creating an account on the Websites and/or in the Game;

  • Participation in testing of new versions and/or updates to the Websites and/or Game (if applicable);

  • A contract is entered into and executed with SmokeStab to use the Game and enter into other related agreements;

  • Participation in contests and other such events conducted by us or third parties in relation to a Game;

  • Providing access to the Sites and/or Games through data used to access third party resources;

  • Submitting requests, letters or other messages to SmokeStab from you;

  • Performing other actions while using the Sites and/or the Games.


Data collected by us

You permit us to obtain data from you in the following categories during your use of the Sites and Games. If your account is set up, you allow us to obtain and process account data:

  • Email address;

  • Distribution language;

  • In-game identifiers (login and password);

  • Social Media Identifiers;

During your use of the Websites and the Games, you allow us to obtain and process the following trace data:

  • Registration files (logs);

  • Statistics about actions on our websites;

  • Statistics in the Games (e.g. level progress);

Technical information about devices and operating systems you use when visiting the Websites or using the Games, in particular, information about access control means to information media (Media Access Control, MAC), the device identifier (Unique Device Identifier, UDID), analog device identifiers, your IP address and information about the browser you use. The user may opt-out of receiving notifications and other promotional messages by contacting SmokeStab as indicated in the "Legal Note SmokeStab" section of the Policy or by other means indicated in the messages received.

When using the Websites and/or the Games by means of social media authorization, the User acknowledges that he/she has read and accepted the Privacy Policy and that SmokeStab collects and processes the data of the User's social media account, including:

  • Name;

  • Photograph or other image used as avatar;

  • User identifier for social media;

  • Email address;

  • language used;

  • other information in the manner specified in the Policy;

In addition, in this case, the user gives consent and understands that the user's account data may be accessible to other users of the Sites and the Games.

Data we do NOT collect


SmokeStab does not collect or process information about users' ethnicity, political views, health status, religious or philosophical beliefs. We do not request or collect copies of identity documents or identification numbers, and you agree not to provide us with such information or post it on the Sites.

Use of Personal Information


SmokeStab may process user data in the following ways:

  • Collection;

  • Recording;

  • arrangement;

  • accumulation;

  • updating;

  • Changes;

  • Transfer;

  • depersonalization;

  • Pseudonymization;

  • Deletion;

  • Destruction;


SmokeStab may also copy User Data and use it in combination with other data SmokeStab collects pursuant to this Policy to ensure the operation and development of the Video Games and the Website. User consents to the transfer of data to affiliates and partners of SmokeStab, including the rights holders of the Games, for the purposes set forth herein, including for the ongoing use by users of the Websites and/or the Games. These partners process the data on the terms of this Policy and in accordance with applicable law.

We store user data for as long as we have legal grounds for processing personal data. Once an account is deleted or the contract is otherwise cancelled, we have 2 months to store your data, unless we have other legal grounds for storing the data. For the purpose of data storage, users give their consent that SmokeStab is entitled to pseudonymize user data by the means provided for in the applicable legislation. The User has the right to request information from SmokeStab about the processing of the data provided by the User.
The user confirms his/her agreement with the fact that it is impossible to delete the data provided by him/her from the SmokeStab systems if there are valid agreements between SmokeStab and you. The user has the right to request the deletion of his/her data when usage agreements for the video games and/or other agreements are changed/updated.

The deletion of the data may lead to the termination of the agreement, so the user may lose the right to use the video games or the website.


We take all possible preventive measures to preclude loss, unlawful use, alteration or deletion of your information. Our employees, contractors and authorized persons may have access to data about you, but their use is limited to the tasks they perform in connection with the use of the Sites and the Games. Our employees, contractors and authorized persons who gain access to your information are required to maintain its confidentiality. They are also not allowed to use it for purposes other than those mentioned above or in connection with the processing of your requests.

We take the necessary technical, administrative and physical security measures to protect your data.

Third Party Websites

The Sites and Games may contain links to other websites, games and services offered by third parties, including retailers. Your agreement to the terms of this policy applies only to this website (, we are not liable for any data that third parties collect, store and use through their own websites or as part of the services they provide.

You must carefully read the confidentiality policies of each website you visit!

Your rights

You may update, correct or delete your personal information in the Settings section of your account on the Sites. You have the right at any time to exercise the following rights in relation to your data, which may be recognized as personal data under applicable law, in particular:

  • You have the right to ask us to provide you with copies of your personal data in our possession and/or information about its processing;

  • You have the right to inform us about updating and correcting any outdated or incorrect information about you that we hold;

  • You may request that any information we receive from third party vendors be deleted;

If you wish to exercise any of the above rights, please contact us at Please note that in the event of a request to delete personal information, we may need to retain certain information that we need to prevent fraud and abuse, conduct analysis, or comply with legal obligations, or if we have reason to believe that there is a legitimate reason to do so.

Please also note that we may take up to ten (10) business days to process your request. In addition, even after you opt out of receiving commercial messages, you will continue to receive administrative announcements about the websites and games from us until the contract is terminated.

Security Settings

In addition to the security measures we take to protect your information, you agree to accept the obligations to ensure the confidentiality of your account and related information about you, including restricting access to the information. (Keep password secret, etc.) If you provide personal information about yourself on the Sites and/or in the Games, it may be copied by other users and/or third parties until it is deleted or archived. We also do not guarantee that such information will be inaccessible to unauthorized persons on the Websites/Games.


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